February 17, 2012


I am sorry it took so long to reveal the winners and show you these fashion pages that I really hope you will like! But now the magazine is published (a bit late due to unexpected heavy snowstorm) and I can finally post the layouts. Under the cut you will find ALL the winners and close-ups, so you can read the text too :)
Мне давно хотелось назвать победителей конкурса и показать fashion страницы, которые, надеюсь, вам понравятся! Теперь журнал наконец-то напечатан (немного позднее, чем ожидалось в связи с погодными условиями) и я имею право выставить их на блоге. Нажав на click for more, вы узнаете имена ВСЕХ победителей и сможете рассмотреть все странички :)

At the moment I work hard for the next issue of Wedding magazine, so I haven’t took my copy yet, but whenever I do I will make some pictures of glossy pages too ;)

Dear beauties, thank you so much for your amazing pictures and lovely letters! Each of you were great and it was really hard to choose winners as I haven’t expected such feedback. Please don’t be upset if you haven’t found your name here, there will be more contests in the future :*

1. Leslie 
2. Alda
6. Linda
7. Floor
9. Olga
10. Kiki
13. Anna

Congratulations my gorgeous girls! 
Please add a link to my blog when posting these images, I will really appreciate :)

Сейчас я работаю над новым номером журнала Wedding, так что я пока не успела забрать AZ magazine, но как только я это сделаю, сниму так же фотографии с глянцевых страниц.

Дорогие красотки, большое спасибо за присланные фотографии и такие интересные письма. Каждая из вас просто поразила меня, и мне было действительно сложно выбрать победителей, ведь я не ожидала такого количества участников. Пожалуйста не расстраивайтесь если вы не нашли свое имя в журнале, я обещаю, что в будущем вас ожидают новые конкурсы! :*   

Поздравляю каждую победительницу!
Я буду очень благодарна, если вы добавите ссылку на мой блог при публикации этих страничек :)


LINDA said...

Thank you so much darling! Amazing! I love it, will post it with a link to your gorgeous blog!

kisses <3


Linda from www.moonon.com

Diva In Me said...

Loving the Chloe bag and The Dior bag! Probably be my next bag purchase =)

Porcelain complexion said...

Looks like a great issue, the layouts are stunning!

Anna said...

Thanks so much! :)))
I'll post a link to your blog when I post these pictures <3

Miss Top Ten Image said...

Dear Ulia!! I'm SO, SO excited and happy to be one of the winners!! I can't thank you enough. I LOVE THE RESULT!!!!
For sure I'll link my post to your blog once I publish it!!!
Hope you organize another contest soon!!! ;-)


Olga Kovtunenko said...

wow! Iam pleased! thank you!

Kiki Janku said...

This comment has been removed by the author.
Kiki Janku said...

Hello there sweetie! Finally the post I've been waiting for weeks! I'm so glad I'm in that article! You have done a great job! I will soon make a post about this one!
I don't know if this magazine is available in Albania cuz never seen it in stores, but can I buy it online? Let me know, I'll be waiting!
Check out my new post!
Hope to hear again from you!

Hope you're having a great evening!

My cooking blog, support me:

xoxo Kiki

jiglycious said...

i love this post, and r4eallly enjoyed reading it


The doll on fashion said...

Love all of those bright looks, such a refreshing change after winter!

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you stop by again soon!

The doll on fashion

Melissa Tchieu said...

WOW...so VIBRANT!! everyone looks goood!!!!

Ulia Ali said...

LINDA, You deserved it! Your picture is stunning! <3
Diva In Me, Chloe bag is my last obsession! Saving for it :) Lady Dior bag is my mum's, but I hope I will afford it too someday ;)

Katherine McAdoo said...

this is awesome. it looks so great all together!

Ulia Ali said...

Porcelain complexion, thanks, beauty! Hope you will participate in the next contest :*

Anna, congrats sweetie :* You do look great!

Miss Top Ten Image, aaaw thank YOU for taking a part! It was a pleasure to make these layouts with your pictures <3

Ulia Ali said...

Olga Kovtunenko, kisses :*

Kiki Janku, I am glad you liked it, hun! No, unfortunately it's not available in Albania :( I will ask guys from the office, maybe they sell online. They're doing some changes to mag now, so I have no idea, because I make only fashion pages for them lol

Ulia Ali said...

jiglycious, thank you, dear :*

The doll on fashion, Hope to see you here again too xxx

Melissa Tchieu, oh i am happy u like it :) Your comments make my day!

Katherine McAdoo, thank you :)

Jess said...

thank you soooo much sweetie!!!! looks AWESOME!!! and omg i bought that asos blue clutch, haha. its on my desk, i can't wait to take photos with it!! :)


Tanya WALL officiel said...

Les filles , les looks , tout est magnifique !!!

Fabrizia said...

Thank you so much for this great chance, it means a lot to me!!! Thank you!!!!

Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!
Cosa mi metto???

Kate Orwell said...

Огромное спасибо!Так приятно видеть себя на страницах этого журнала,а тем более в такой интерсеной подборке!
Обязательно размещу ссылку и приму участие в других конкурсах!
Еще раз спасибо:)

AldaCa said...

This is extremely exciting! I'm so grateful to you for this opportunity! I definitely posted it on my blog and linked to your blog of course! Thanks for always being extremely sweet! I'll go follow you on bloglovin' right now! Please do the same if you'd like! (links on my blog) :) Keep in touch! :)


Fashion-Bridge said...

Hey dear! First of all, thank you for the amazing article and featuring my blog! I'm incredibly flattered!
Secondly I totally loved the magazine! You're doing such a great job! You should do posts with your articles or editorials from AZ more often! I absolutely enjoyed it!
I hope to read it again and to see myself once again in AZ magazine;)

Thanks again darling!




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