February 10, 2012


Before the weather took a turn for the worse, I managed to wear this total red look to one of my favorite places in Baku – Old City, where I visited few vintage and souvenir shops and managed to find gorgeous bracelet dated to XIX century which perfectly matched my ring from Topshop. Red colour had been everywhere this winter and so many fashionistas were choosing to wear it from head-to-toe (think of amazing Miroslava Duma in the bright red suit). But of course not everyone can pull of monochromatic outfits and I was a bit worried about going out like that. So now it’s your turn to decide whether it’s hot or not. :)

P.S. Due to freezing weather, the office is closed, so I couldn’t take my copy of new AZ magazine with YOUR pictures, beauties. I feel so bad about that, but I hope next week I will be able to finally show you the magazine spread! *fingers crossed*

Перед тем как наступили морозные дни, я успела прогуляться по одному из моих самых любимых мест в Баку – «Старом» Городе, где я так же посетила парочку винтажных магазинов и сувенирных лавок. В одном из этих милых магазинчиков я нашла старинный браслет XIX века, который идеально подошел к моему кольцу от Topshop. В тот день на мне было надето все красного цвета – от шляпки до каблучков. Этой зимой красный цвет мелькал на всех подиумах, и многие модницы решались сделать его основным и единственным цветом в своих нарядах (вспомните хотя бы самую стильную девушку Москвы – Мирославу Думу в ярко-алом костюме). Но, конечно не каждая девушка способна смело примерить на себя монохромный look, и поэтому я немного волновалась. Так, что теперь ваша очередь вынести мне вердикт: нравится или нет?
P.S. Из-за сильных морозов офис уже неделю как закрыт, так что я не смогла взять новый номер Az magazine  с ВАШИМИ фотографиями, девочки. Меня это очень расстраивает, но я надеюсь, что на следующей неделе я смогу вам показать страницы из журнала! *все дружно скрещиваем пальчики*

Heels - GUESS
Clutch - TED BAKER
Sweater - H&M
Hat - VINTAGE (my grandmum's) :D


Boulevard de Roxy said...

Thank u for a comment=)
You have pretty cool blog and last outlook is really amazing!!!!!


Halle said...

Haha, yes :) That blush is NARS' most famous item. It's wonderul and suits every single skin type! And I LOVE your outfit. Red is very in right now- I've been seeing it all over the Spring/Summer 2012 runways. Please follow my blog! ;)

Best Wishes from,

Damycool said...

Hi dear! Thanks for your lovely comment! You have a great blog! That outfit is great! Love the clutch and ring, so beautiful!

p.d: Follow each other?

Porcelain complexion said...

Ok wow!
What an incredible post. Your outfit looks AMAZING! I LOVE your chunky red jewellery and that looks like an amazing wee shop, where is it??

Are you a model? If not then you should be, you're gorgeous.

Thank you for your comment.
Just became a follower on bloglovin xo

Olga Kovtunenko said...

Потрясающе! Правда! Этот красный - очень тебе идет! Хочу в ваши винтажные лавки))) браслет - отпад!

Well... said...

Wow what a red hot look! Haha amazing monochrome look <3 love your jewelry


Boulevard de Roxy said...

Of course i followed=)


Diva In Me said...

I like red lots too! I recently blogged bout my red pants and a hint of red tank top to go together with it.
I love your Ted Baker's clutch. It's so pretty =) Great style!

Modas_diva said...

You look awesome!! I love red! xxx

Ruth Arthasya said...

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Ruth Arthasya said...

This comment has been removed by the author.
Ruth Arthasya said...

Great look. I lovee reeddd, too<3
Btw, nice curl.

Visit, comment, and follow my blog if you feel interested:)

It would be so nice, if you follow me:)


Daniela Skeyki said...

Замечательно выглядишь!!
Красный - определенно твой цвет)

Kiki Janku said...

Hello there sweetie! Great outfit and the accessories are awesome! My fingers are already crossed :D
P.S : Enter my giveaway http://kikisbookofdreams.blogspot.com/2012/02/contest-giveaway.html#more
Hope to hear again from you!

Hope you're having a great evening!

My cooking blog, support me:

xoxo Kiki

Miss Margaret Cruzemark said...

You look so pretty in red. And your pics are so amazing.
Sending you lots of love and kisses my dear.
Best regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Kirsten said...

WOW so much red! You look amazing!

Anna said...

очень красиво!! =))

stilettolover91 said...

I am in LOVE!!!!! So STUNNING!!!!!!


*Glam Chameleon* said...

My pretty girl very few people can pull out total red look, and u rocked it!!! U're stunning and so alluring!!! Love all pieces!!


Марина said...

Симпатично!Я очень люблю именно такой красный цвет)

Bch said...

cute clutch ;)

A BRIT GREEK said...

So many gorgeous photos, love the hat! I love that you just look striking in Red, such a powerful colour on you!

Happy V day for tomorrow!

Eccentric Connoisseur said...

Love the Red. especially the Ted Baker clutch:)

Fashion-Bridge said...

Wow! Lady in red! So beautiful! and the background is definitely impressive. It sort of underlines the whole look!




Hope Adela Pasztor said...

LOVE this outfit! The all-red look is absolutely stunning. =)


Miriam Stella said...

i love your hat! good pictures and good word!cangratulations!
i invite you to see my blog...and if you like it....we could follow each other! ;-)if you like...
a big kiss from an italian fashion blogger
Miriam stella

is fashion my Passion? the MiriamStella's Blog

MeluandMila said...

The clutch is gorgeous. Love the look and the pics. Thanks for stopping at our blog. Kisses


Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

You look incredible. Like a walking Valentine. I love, love, love your look here!


AldaCa said...

You look so showstopping-ly gorgeous!! :)

I bet you got a lot of attention in that outfit! ;) ;)


Michelle Lee said...

wow amazing outfit :)


Aya said...

I LOVE your outfit!! I never thought that so much of one color would look good but you definitely rock it! Great style! XOXO


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Hira said...

This look is WONDERFUL! Love monochrome looks like this.


LINDA said...

Love it darling! You look amazing! xoxo

Linda from www.moonon.com

Mani said...

Wooow, super stylish! I really like the outfit from head to toe!

hugs and kisses by Mani.

Darling Bonnie said...

This is all so beautiful!!!! and the ensemble is Marvelous!!!
Darling Bonnie

Elena Sergeeva said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love yours, great colours! I am definitely following you so follow me back if you like to stay in touch xoxoES

Anonymous said...

Супер! Ты молодец! Вдохновляешь :)

Mary said...

Я не большая поклонница тотал-луков но тут...просто нет слов! очень красиво! шляпа и бейкерский кейс понравились особенно!


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