February 5, 2012


On Saturday I decided to try myself at the casting for Eurovision’s promotional videos. As you know Eurovision 2012 will be held in my homeland Azerbaijan, in Baku and everyone here are super excited about it! The casting went very well, everything was organized and the atmosphere was warm and friendly. For the quick “photoshoot” I decided to wear something casual and avoid black colour which is primary in so many girls’ outfits this cold February. After I filled in a form and the photographer took my pictures, I was approached by producer of the Eurovision 2012 – Tahir Aliyev, who is also getting noticed in the movie industry. (His film “Woman on hold” will be presented at the 62nd International Berlinale film festival.) So it was flattering when I among some other girls and boys were chosen for the small video and photoshoot for www.eurovision.tv. So take a look at the video at the end of this post! Can you find me there? ;)

Of course I can’t wait for the results of the casting call as it always great to try something new, to challenge yourself and meet new people. And oh, isn’t it would be great if I will be in the promotional video of one of my followers’ country? :)
В субботу я решила пойти на кастинг для съемок в промо-роликах Евровидения 2012. Как вы уже, наверняка, знаете, в этом году Евровидение пройдет в Азербайджане, в моем родном городе Баку. Все здесь безумно взволнованы предстоящим событием и с нетерпением ждут его. Кастинг был проведен на отличном уровне: организованно и в теплой дружеской атмосфере. Для фото-кастинга я решила надеть что-нибудь простое, и избежать черного цвета, который преобладает в нарядах девушек в этом холодном феврале. После того как я заполнила анкету и фотограф сделала пару моих снимков, ко мне подошел продюсер Евровидения 2012 – Таир Алиев, который так же становится все более заметной фигурой в мире кино. (Его фильм «Ожидающая женщина» будет представлен на 62ом международном кинофестивале Берлинале).Так, что мне было приятно, что меня и нескольких других парней и девушек, сразу же выбрали сняться для мини-ролика и сделать несколько фотографий для сайта www.eurovision.tv . Это видео я, кстати, выложила в конце поста! Сможете меня там найти? ;)

Сейчас я с нетерпением жду результатов кастинга, так как это всегда потрясающе пробовать что-то новое, ставить себе неожиданные цели и знакомиться с интересными людьми. И разве не будет здорово, если я снимусь для промо-ролика одной из стран, в которой живете вы, мои читатели? :)

Some shots were made with iPhone: in the car on the way to the casting, my questionnaire, waiting for the shoot (sorry I can't help but pouting on almost all my iPhone pictures :D) / 

Некоторые фотографии были сделаны с помощью iPhone: в машине, по дороге на кастинг, моя анкета, я в ожидании своей очереди на съемку (извините, что на всех этих фотографиях я надуваю губки. Не могу ничего с этим поделать! :D )

"Backstage" :)

This shot were on the news page on eurovision.tv

And the video!
You can spot me at:

Grey fur coat - MAX & CO
Boots - J.LO
Jeans, bag - GUESS
Shirt- BEBE


Well... said...

Oh my, that fur jacket is AMAZING!
You are gorgeous and you totally rocked it. Adore your boots as well :)


youngbrokefabulous said...

hi love - thanks for stopping by my blog w/your kind words! you are simply gorgeous & your photos are beautiful. Can i ask where the magazine you work for is based out of? xx Davee

Brooklyn said...

Thanks so much for leaving a comment on Veggie Table mostly because it took me to your blog - love it! Can't wait to read more!!!

Clara Turbay said...



Michelle Lee said...

love your outfit so much :)


Vina Yabut said...

You look glam especially in the first photo, love :)

Olga Kovtunenko said...

очень рада за тебя) желаю УДАЧИ! ты - умничка!

A BRIT GREEK said...

You look totally gorgeous and warm!!! You definitely stand out in the Eurovision shot with the others!!!

I can't believe it's that time of year again!

thestyleflux said...

What a fab fur jacket! You're so gorgeous!


Stylish By Nature said...

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fashionhypnotised said...

You look gorgeous sweetie! Thanks for stopping by!
Fashionhypnotised girl

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

You look amazing! Love your blog!

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LINDA said...

You are so beautiful darling! I wish you a lot of success!


Linda from www.moonon.com

Angelica said...

Love your coat, great look Ulia! :)

the look book diaries said...

Love your outfit here!...Good luck with everything! xoxo

Sam said...

Hi sweety, you look so pretty, love the jacket & heels. It must be very exciting to have the Eurovision take place in your city. I really hope that you get the casting, I think you stand a very high chance of it! P.S Do you not have a Google Follow Button?

Vanessa. said...

I'm sure it was a great day :)
And I completelly felt in love with your coat...


Joyce said...

Your shoes are so cute! Love it :)

a.Ura said...

Thanks for your lovely comment =)


Annika said...

wow, thanks for sooo lovely comment on my blog, you really nice surprise me! ;) I am jealous of you hair, looks so beautiful. ;)

LOLA C. said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwww beautiful!!!

Mary Manaila said...

You're so beautiful, I just love your blog. I was wondering if you'd like to check and/or follow my blog. If so, let me know so I can follow you back :)

Love, Mary

Ulia Ali said...

Well... , thx hun! I love this fur coat too! It's so warm :)
youngbrokefabulous, hey, thank you so much! Well I work mostly for 2 magazines: The Wedding Magazine (editor and art-director) and AZ magazine (write about fashion trends and design fashion pages). Both magazines are printed in Baku, BUT they're both are widely spread, because Wedding is collaborating with brands and photographers all around the world and we do have a lot of readers from Russia, Ukraine etc. And AZ magazine is the magazine for expats living in Baku, so we have international readership :) Hope I asked to your question xx

Alena said...

рада за тебя!) обязательно, напиши мне в блог о конкурсе, я люблю в них участвовать!

Inside the B world said...

wooow! that's a killer outfit! you look fantastic! great look darling!

Raindrops of Sapphire said...

You look gorgeous! I hope you get it!


~Lara~ said...

Love your boots! You look gorgeous, as usual!!!!! :)

Kiki Janku said...

Hello there sweetie! You look gorgeous in that outfit(and not only ;D)
I hope you'll get what you want!
P.S : the results of contest, when are you planning on showing them?!
Hope to hear again from you!

Hope you're having a great evening!

My cooking blog, support me:

xoxo Kiki

TarracoStyle said...

hola, espero que tengas mucha suerte con el casting, ibas muy guapa para la prueba.

Mr J said...

You look so awesome, love the jacket and your boots. Good luck! Thanks for visiting, following :D

ediot said...

hey girl
thanks for stopping by me, sounds like an interesting task, i think it'll suit you well.. best of luck

Daisy said...

gosh girl your skin looks so damn perfect and I'm super jealous of your hair ;)

xoxo Daisy

-> MY BLOG <-

AlyssaPauline said...

You have such beautiful hair! I'm following!


Christine said...

haha- that is SO COOL! I saw yo uin the video- you were in the beginning, on the stage, posing with a white board, right? :D Wearing the white shirt?

Thanks for your comment-we all have different walks of life, and what we believe comes in time with life. :) My faith and realization of how great God is is one thing that keeps me going :)

As to your question- I am half Chinese(indonesian) and half Puerto Rican! :D Two totally different worlds, right? ^_^

God bless always

Cindy said...

This is a lovely picture and super cute outfit!! :D I am a new reader, and i love your blog!! :D

Cindy C.

@jackiegiardina said...

omg you're beautiful! & love that fur sweatshirt!!!

xo Jackie

Jess said...

so awesome!! you look beautiful and your outfit is too cute! of course you stood out to the producer of eurovision!! i watched the video too, really cool :) also thanks for your sweet comment of course! :)


Nikki said...

You look so pretty! Love the jacket:) Xx


good luck for that thing then! and these photos are so pretty!


DIVYA! said...


Please like my page :))


yiqin; said...

i want to play with snow too <3

Tanii said...

oh my god, I absolutely love your blog, it's so amazing! You have such a pretty style and I love your furjacket! :)

2befab said...

hi there!!!
what an amazing blog..
you are so pretty!!
I like you style..

btw...i posted an outfit on my blog..tell me what do you think!
And if you want we could follow each other..tell me know!
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luvvleighb said...

How fun! And that fur coat looks super cozy!!!
Luvv, Leigh B

Eccentric Connoisseur said...

LOVE your fur jacket. I loved your blog:)
I am your new follower:)

Alizée said...

Beautiful pictures and outfit! You are so stunning girl!


BlueVanilla said...

Cuteee! You look absolutely beautiful in you audition...fingers crossed for you!

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jamie said...

thanks for your darling comment :) i am your newest follower via bloglovin <3

Miss Woody said...

beautiful !!

Baby Budget Blog said...

Gorgeous fur! Love how it's playful with the hood! Good luck with the casting!!


*Glam Chameleon* said...

Good luck with the casting hun, I expect good news!;)
U look so adorable, splendid fur jacket and so cute boots, great for stylish winter!;)


Anonymous said...

I'm wishing you luck!

Nuar said...

Hey, Ulia!
I'm glad to have discovered your blog thanks to Hanneli's, because it's very enjoyable and inspirational!I value great style, and you sure have it, girl! As for this post, hope you'll make it to that promotional video!!
I'm already your follower, and if you like my blog, I'd be thrilled to have you among mines. XOXO, María José


Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Awesome shoes! =)


Mary said...

Удачи:) я и не знала что ты поешь! обалденные ботинки!


Kiki Janku said...

Hello there sweetie! How are you doing?
Contest and giveaway on my blog, check it out!
Hope to hear from you!

Hope you're having a great evening!

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xoxo Kiki

Daria said...

Ооо, красотка)) И образ очень стильный!
И я очень бы хотела, чтоб тебя выбрали!) Ты заслуживаешь)

Miss Starshiny said...

Pretty look!
I like your jeans!
Miss Starshiny

Veronica P. said...

best of luck dear !

LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

Cool boots!

Visit me:
LeeAnne, Style N Season

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Love the shoes!


Laura Clayderman said...

i loveeee ur faux fur <3
congrats for the audition!
hope u'll make it dear :)


Springirl Yarden said...

How cool!!! Good luck :))

Xoxoox Yarden

Ulia Ali said...

Brooklyn, aaw thanks so much hun! I am so happy u like my blog :)

Clara Turbay, thanks,Clara! <3

Michelle Lee, is it cute,right? :) Thank u!

Vina Yabut, Thank you, sweetie :*

Olga Kovtunenko, спасибо,красавица! Я надеюсь мне дадут "роль" ))

Ulia Ali said...

A BRIT GREEK , yeap, the time flies so quickly :)
Thanks for the compliment, hun :*

thestyleflux, Thank you! <3

Stylish By Nature, cool I love giveaways :P

LINDA, thank you, love! Love reading your comments

Angelica, thank you! I love it too))

the look book diaries, You're all so kind! Thanks for wishing me luck :)

Connie said...

HEy thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I love your outfit! Cute shoes and purse ;)

I'm your new follower! Pls visit my blog again if you have time and follow back if you like. Thanks! **HUUGGGSSS**


Natalie Koltunovskaya said...

Красивые ботинки))

Mr Mockle said...

What a gorgeous fur jacket you have! You look fabulous in it!


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