January 17, 2014


Photography - Ben Gardi
Outfit - Miss Selfridges, Christian Louboutin, Etro, Claire's, Miu Miu, Aftershock
Inspiration -  The Artist movie

I am so happy to share with you new vintage inspired look, guys! I have already had few 60s and 40s retro looks on my blog, but always wanted to create an oufiit inspired by The Jazz Age. So the moment I got tickets to The Artist special screening (I have written about the event in details in previous posts and on my Facebook page) I started to plan this photoshoot, which came out pretty amazing, don't you agree? All thanks to wonderful French photographer Ben Gardi.
 Also I am grateful to Miss Selfridge for the most gorgeous dress. Honestly I never thought it would be so hard to find beautiful yet not very expensive 20s style clothes. Most of other stores offered some affordable pieces that could work, but they weren't really of a good quality. I was very impressed by Miss Selfridge's latest dress collection, so do check them out.

Also on some of the pictures you can see my good friend Edward, who perfectly adapted George Valentine's look. I actually asked him afterwards if we can go to one of the main streets and ask people with serious faces what year it is. Just to pretend we are lost in time..But he didn't support my crazy idea :)) Oh well! I still felt like a real flapper girl and so many people were approaching and complimenting my outfit or taking pictures with me. London is truly full with kind and lovely people. It was absolutely marvelous day and I am looking forward to another occasion for dressing up.

Dress - Miss Selfridge (buy here)
Shoes - Christian Louboutin
Fur - Aftershock-
Accessories- Claire's, Miu Miu
Bag - Etro


Kara said...

This is the most stunning look ever!!!! I love your vintage looks. Make more 20s you look like an actress. so pretty

Lauren said...

I have the same dress! Don't know where to wear it yet lol it was quite expensive though

Nadi Ghulam said...

This is so you! Great outfit! You ever thought about acting? You have a very authentic look!


Ulia Ali said...

Kara, Thank you so much! Yes I want to do more 20s looks, so make sure you return to the blog <3

Lauren, Yes it was a bit pricey, but the quality is outstanding, especially for the high street store/brand. Wear it to the theatre (as I did) or some evening gala/wedding. Trust me you will find an occasion to wear this beauty :)

Nadi Ghulam, Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words! I would love to b an actress, actually started seriously considering some offers, so who knows :P Hopefully I am not too old for that :)

Fifi said...

You are not like other bloggers. so happy to find you! I am English girl living in New York. If you ever around please email me fifileticia@gmail,com I will show you around. also i am launching my shoe brand soon, you will like ;)

Colorfulwindows said...

This is amazing ! 20s were AWESOME ! As well You are !

Jelena Zivanovic said...

Wow wow wow, that's a stunner!;) You're such a beauty my love! And as I already said on my blog- I'm glad you're back, I was missing you!!!!;) kisses & hugs

JoJo said...

you are so beautiful its not faaaaair

StaceyKo said...

*нет слов* Уля, образ просто восхитительный! от платья я вообще без ума!

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