January 1, 2014


Dear followers, Happy New Year!
I hope you had amazing celebrations and I wish each one of you will become the person you want to be, reach your goals and pursue all the dreams you have. I certainly made some important resolutions for myself (train more in the gym, blog, finally launch my magazine about culture, get MA degree with distinction, have a dream job in London), so I want you to keep your fingers crossed for me too :) 

As for now I wanted to show you some of the photos of my Christmas and New Years parties and events. Under the cut you can not only see more pictures, but read some stories complementing them. Loads of love and let's make 2014 memorable! xxx


Дорогие мои читатели, с Новым Годом!

Я надеюсь вы провели незабываемую новогоднюю ночь и я желаю каждому, кто меня сейчас читает, стать тем кем вы хотите быть, достичь желаемого успеха и увидеть свершение всех ваших заветных желаний. Я определенно написала себе план на этот год - ходить регулярно в спортзал, больше писать для блога, наконец-то официально выпустить свой журнал о культуре, получить диплом Магистра с отличием, и найти работу мечты в Лондоне. Пожалуйста скрестите свои пальчики за меня тоже! :)

А, сейчас я хочу вам показать некоторые фотографии с Рождественских и Новогодних праздников. Под катом вы можете увидеть не только больше фотографий,но и прочитать истории их сопровождающие... Давайте сделаем 2014 незабываемым! Спасибо. С любовью, Уля 

My night started with a fancy dinner with some live music, beautiful girls and my friend Francisco at one of the hottest clubs in London - Bodo's Schloss 

After the dinner, the party started and everyone were just super excited for the midnight!

3....2.....1.... Hello 2014! Champagne Showers!

After a while I decided to move to another cool club - Tonteria to see my dear friend Jessica. The thing about me and Jess is that we both absolutely LOVE dancing and dressing up, but we don't find any joy in excessive drinking and random encounters. The only time I can allow myself to have more drinks is actually when I am with my parents, boyfriend or with my best friend Selene, who doesn't drink at all. Otherwise I hate to loose control. So, my night was fun, but ended up very quietly at Jess' place, where we ate ice cream and shared some girly secrets :)

Accessories - MIU MIU, PEARL, CLAIRE'S

Please do watch this video of London fireworks. It is amazing.

These are some iphone photos from 30th of December, when I attended The Artist at Royal Albert Hall with my friend Edward. I had an amazing photoshoot before the performance, so be sure you return to the blog to see them!

And these are photos from the XMAS parties: 
1) Crazy Christmas Jumper one at Francisco's and Diogo's lovely penthouse at Bricklane 
2) The actual Christmas Day party at Jessica's flat with a bunch of her close friends. It was a very warm, cozy evening with loads of delicious homemade food (Jessica is an amazing cook!), movies and games.


Hope you liked the post! 


Kristina said...

Love your blue dress. u look like Blair Waldorf with this headband.

Leilusha said...

Ya obojayu tvoy blog!! Nadeyus vstrtimsa v Baku

Anonymous said...

everyone seems to adore you, little princess

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