November 16, 2011


Colour Block trend is still huge and I love it! This is my bright outfit I wore to Tora’s exibition  Double meaning. Torakhanim Agabeyova is very talented young Azerbaijani painter and also beautiful and interesting lady. She is getting noticed in the world right now and I hope she will have an incredible future-she deserves it. I took some pictures of her works that I like and also scanned some from her catalogue.

 After the exhibition, I ran to the Park Cinema where European Film Festival was held. We watched "Nicostratos le pelican" in French with Azerbaijani subtitles. The movie told us a lovely story about friendship between a boy and the Pelican. I haven’t really expected anything, but the movie was really great and touching and reminded me some of Emir Kusturica’s masterpieces. And it wasn’t just a coincidence! Emir by himself played one of the main roles in this movie! After the movie I had an honor of meeting the director of the movie - Olivier Horlait. I think he is the tallest man I have ever taken a picture with :) 
Hope you enjoy these colourful photos!

I am huge fan of Paul's Boutique bags

With Olivier Horlait

Orange jacket - ZARA
Electric blue pants and glitter belt - ZARA
Sunnies - Primark (for 1£!!!)
Bag - Maisy Large by Paul's Boutique


Aline C. said...

Your outfit photos are amazing, and your outfit is so pretty and bright!
The exhibition looks very interesting, I'd never heard of this artist so I'm very glad you shared :D

Ps. love the fact that your nails match your heels, hehe

Angelica said...

I agree, this is a great outfit! So vibrant. I love the purse. :)

Thanks for sharing.


Ulia Ali said...

Aline, Thank you so much for all your lovely comments! Yes, I love the pictures from the events and exhibitions. Glad you enjoyed as well :)
haha Yes gold nails wasn't a bad idea after all :))

Angelica, Thank you,hun! :*

*Glam Chameleon* said...

I am completely in love with this vibrant look of yours! I would combine the same colors!! Magnificent bag! Glam & fab!;)
p.s. Follow u on bloglovin now, so I can keep up with your fresh posts!;)

stilettolover91 said...

Love the outfit & the shoes!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your color blocking. Pairing with metallic heels is fab.

Ulia Ali said...

*Glam Chameleon* , Thank you, gorgeous! This look is one of my favorites too. I am so happy you are following me now on bloglovin <3

Ulia Ali said...

stilettolover91, We both are in love with heels :D Thanks!

Inez, I am glad you liked it! I need to use more colour block in my everyday outfits :)

Outside Looking In said...

Wow, I really love this look and LOVE that bag!!

Ulia Ali said...

Outside Looking In, thank you :) Yes Paul's Boutique bags are always so amazing and they have great quality btw. Have to love them <3

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