May 24, 2012


Dear beauties,
 I am happy to announce the last contest's winners and show their outfits featured in the magazine ! It was even harder to pick up the winners as I received much more letters than I did the first time. Please don't be upset if you haven't saw your picture on these pages or found out about the contest too late - there will be a lot new contests and opportunities for bloggers in the future! Under the cut you will find ALL the winners and close-ups, so you can see the details and read the text too :)
Дорогие красавицы, я рада обьявить победителей последнего конкурса и показать модные странички, на которых были опубликованы их стильные наряды! В этот раз выбирать победителей было еще сложнее чем в прошлый, так как писем пришло намного больше. Пожалуйста не расстраивайтесь, если вы не нашли свою фотографию в журнале или узнали о конкурсе слишком поздно. В будущем конкурсов и прочих возможностей самореализации будет гораздо больше! Под "катом" вы сможете увидеть всех победительниц, прочесть текст и рассмотреть все детали :)

Glossy pages:

Congratulations my gorgeous girls! 
Please add a link to my blog when posting these images, I will really appreciate :)
Поздравляю каждую победительницу! Я буду очень благодарна, если вы добавите ссылку на мой блог при публикации этих страничек :)


Diva In Me said...

I hardly can believe this when I come check out your blog =D I'm still very much at awe! Thank you so much darling! I'll definitely add the link to your page when featuring this images.
Thank you for the surprise and it really made my day =)

Leanne said...

I love the mint spread! It's so stunning!

Love from South Africa

Aurè said...

Ciao!! Molti complimenti per il Tuo magnifico Lavoro!Congratulations for Your Gorgeous Work! the way... I love Your Floreal dress Photo...the Best!!!
Ciao from Italy

Anna said...

Спасибо огромное! =)
Уже у себя разместила ссылку на твой пост. =)

leonie fanning said...

hi ulia just wanted to say thanks so so much 4 ur kind words and support u are truly beautiful. hope u have a great time at the show cant wait to see what u will wear Im sure u will b stunning as always. thanks for cheering for Ireland to .god jedward aren't the best of singers though. Im watching it wit friends in are local bar should be fun. thanks again for ur kindness kisses my darling xx Leo

KT of said...

Congrats to Yen from Diva in Me ( all the fabulous ladies! You all look great!

Melissa Tchieu said...

Congrats on the winners!!!
that flower power page..O M G so a w e s o m e

Olga Kovtunenko said...

Спасибо!! Очень приятно)) ссылку разместила)

XAVER said...

Privet Ulya)) spasibo bolshoe )) na novom poste obezatelno napishu )

ellinelle said...

..this is amazing posts, so many trends and inspirational pictures the mint - who would ever thought it will be such a popular ..

ellinelle said...

What is next contest trend ? :)

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