January 24, 2012


I am so happy with my new Jeffrey Campbell boots! They’re the most comfortable heels I have ever had. On these pictures you can spot me running, jumping, making famous Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean pose on this huge massive looking Litas. I wore them with studded black dress, over the knee high socks (I simply adore how they can alter every look and make me feel more sexy) and gold accessories. By the way do you notice how purse perfectly matches the boots? This La Bagagerie bag has been hidden in the depths of my wardrobe since I bought it about 2 years ago aux Galeries Lafayette. What an hour of triumph! ;)

Dear, fashionistas! Thank you so much for your lovely letters and fabulous pictures. I had tons of emails and now I am in the middle of the choosing process and designing the pages. You’re all so amazing :) I’ll announce winners when the magazine will be printed, so stay tuned!
Я так счастлива, что в моем доме поселились ботинки от Jeffrey Campbell! :) Несмотря на невероятный размер каблука, это самая удобная обувь в моей жизни. На этих фотографиях вы можете увидеть, как я бегаю, прыгаю и стою в знаменитой Billy Jean позе Майкла Джексона на громоздких Litas
Я надела их с черным платьем с золотыми заклепками, высокими гольфами (они мгновенно преображают любой look и делают вас более заметными) и золотыми аксессуарами. Кстати, вы заметили, как сумочка идеально подходит к ботинкам? Это моя давняя находка от La Bagagerie, купленная 2 года назад в Galeries Lafayette, в Париже, и с тех пор лежащая в глубинах моего гардероба. Но, сейчас она переживает настоящий звездный час! ;)
  НОВОСТИ О КОНКУРСЕ: Дорогие, модницы! Спасибо огромное за Ваши замечательные письма и потрясающие фотографии. Я получила тонну e-mail'ов и теперь нахожусь в процессе отбора победителей и создания дизайна модных страничек. Вы меня все просто поразили! Я объявлю победителей сразу же, как выйдет сам журнал, так что оставайтесь на связи!

Dress - H&M (last year)
Over the knee high socks - bought at NORDSTROM
Bangle, bracelets - MANGO (the bangle is on sale now!)


The Marcy Stop said...

Great photos! And I adore that dress.
xx, M


Kiki Janku said...

Hello there love! Awesome outfit and photo-shoot! You look stunning!
Hope to hear again from you!

Hope you're having a great day!

My cooking blog, support me:

xoxo Kiki

S4SisterStyle said...

hi,cute blog,follow us if u like our blog and we will follow you too!

*Glam Chameleon* said...

My darling u look so beautiful in this pretty dress! New booties are excellent, I adore their color which goes perfect with your bag! Don't put it in your closet for so long again, two years is too much for this preciosu piece!:)
kisses and hugs


Marta Merino said...

Lovely look!!
So beautiful!!(:


Cristina Lupu said...

you look stunning!!! and your blog is amazing!!!!wonderful post!!

Lorenza e Adelaide said...

We love this outfit :)

Lorenza e Adelaide


rimatambunan said...

thanks for the comment. i love your skin tone ;3

Alina said...

Beautiful!Love this dress!

Olga Kovtunenko said...

завидую! тоже хочу! Поздравляю!

Sandra said...

You look absolutely beautiful!

I love the outfit especially all accessories-but thats my obsession :)



Sandra said...

I forgot to add the all the photos are exceptional!!!

Sandra Leiva said...

Amazing outfit, I love your dress! <3

Daria said...

Замечательный look :) И да JC стали за последний сезон классикой))

M-J Obsessions said...

Love your outfit, especially the boots!!

Thanx for your kind words!!


Vera said...

Thanks for following!
I'm following you too now ;)

Love the boots, sometimes they can look so huge and massive. But I really like it in this way!


Violetta said...

Отличный outfit!!! Влюбилась в платье!!!:)

Marina Di Guardo said...

what a wonderful outfit....
you're gorgeous!
ciao dear Ulia!

Marianna said...

oh my gosh your blog is AMAZING!!!! you have unbelivable style!! thanks so much for your comment, glad its was helpfull! i FOLLOW you now, you are so so great seriously.if you like follow back at some time
xxx many kisses from athens

Tânia Valadas said...

You look stunning! Love the outfit!

Sam said...

Hi sweety, thanks for stopping by. You look absolutely amazing! Gorgeous dress and heels! Following you with bloglovin

Berna B. said...

thank you!I'm following you right now,and waiting for you necessarily!love from istanbul sister =)


Lauren said...

Gorgeous dress! You are stunning!
Loving the Michael Jackson poses.
Thank you for your comment xoxo

Petra P. said...

On my page is a funkcion - translate to your language...I though it is working? It's doesn't work? If not, just tell me and I will write my posts in english also :))
Btw.. I like your blog :))

~Lara~ said...

Such a fun outfit! Love the light colored boots and bag with the dark dress!

lucia m said...

love it!!!


Laura Clayderman said...

woww loveee your jeff campbell boots!
love, im not using bloglovin for now.. is there any else that i can follow you through blogspot? coz i cant seem to find any followers section :(


Zuzana Konecna said...

I love your shoes! They're amazing.

VogueEVA said...

Beautiful! Dress is the best! :)

Aida said...

I want a pair of Litas so bad!! I've been saving up some money for them, but I'm going on vacation next month, so only after that I can save up again for them!


Nathalia Cristina said...

i love this tights it makes the outfit cute but still sexy.
your dress and boots are cute. you look awesome!

Carla McCarthy said...

Hey Uli ... you look so gorgeous. I've always wanted to buy the Litas!Everyhting came out perfect!

Karola said...

I absolutely love this look, especially the dress!!! :)
Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!
I am your new follower!



Báš said...

Hey girl! You look amazing, beautifully :) follow you and follow me back if you want :)

Diva In Me said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. Oh, you are born in the year of dragon? In that case I wish you a great year of Dragon and may you be blessed with good health and wealth! =D
I like Jeffrey Campbell's shoes. Have you seen their latest collection? The heels/wedges are super cool! I thinking of getting 1 =P

Plami said...

I love Litas <3 You look stunning!

Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog <3



evie stothert said...

boots are beautiful, the colour makes them much more understated. you look incredible!
peace and love


A BRIT GREEK said...

The photos in this outfit post are soooo much fun! Your hair totally rocks, need I say more on how smokin' you look?

Mica said...

Great outfit! Love that dress! :)


Roos said...

I'd die for those shoes.
You look amazing! x

Vina Yabut said...

Love your outfit, like always! :)


Mary said...

Отличные фото в движении! платье классненькое и ботинки сделали ноги еще более длинными:) красотка!


Bridgid said...

LOVE the boots - they look fabulous on you, you have such great long legs! thanks for your super sweet comments on my blog, and I'm so happy to have found yours too! :)


Aline C. said...

Jeffrey Campbell, fashion bloggers' favorite!
I tried on a pair when I was in LA, and you're right they're SOO comfortable, but sadly they didn't have a style that I really liked for me to buy :(
Ps. Adore your outfit! Especially the dress and the purse, I love finding items of my closet which I'd forgotten about :) It's like shopping sans money!

wardrobeexperience said...

gorgeous dress... love it.



You look stunning. Reminds me of Kim K.


pia said...

gorgeous outfit, everything looks great
will be following


Parvana said...

superb !!! great ! im waitin for our coporation )

Ulia Ali said...

The Marcy Stop, thank you! I love this dress too :*
Kiki Janku, thank you, hun. Sorry that I am so slow at replying to your comments.. So much of work. Miss blogging :)

LOLA C. said...

Beautiful blog!!! Thanks for you sweet comment.

Anonymous said...

lovely outfit, you look gorgeous

thanks for visiting my blog, hope you return soon ;-)

Dallas Diva said...

I can't say how happy I am that you visited my blog!! I absolutely love yours, and I'm so flattered that a blogger of your stature and style would come and visit me. I'm following you on Bloglovin' and can't wait to see future posts. I'm also looking forward to the next contest! Take care!
XO, Janie

Judith. said...

LOVE your dress!

marina miouprincess said...

cute outfit! love the dress and over-the-knee socks!

Saritschka said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! <3

You look so beautiful, gorgeous outfit!

Xo, Saritschka.


Mexiquer said...

You look beautiful! I hope some day I can get my hands on one pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots! They're amazing :)*


Christal said...

oh my goodness, you are SOO PRETTYY! :O
great outfit, i love how well it looks on you.
and i see you're an art director!? that must be soo cool!
may i ask what you studied to get the job? hehe thanks!
i'll be following you.


lolita said...

wow this is so beautiful love everything about this outfit <3 x


Ashleigh Nicole said...

Cute dress!

xo Ashleigh


BodilHuisman said...

you look great, love the shoes & dress!



Emanuel I. said...

Great outfit!
You are very cute!
Awesome blog!

ifoundmysoulmate said...

You are so pretty !! Love the outfit and your hair :)

Aliénor xxx


DIVYA! said...

great outfit!

thanks for the nice comments***

nice Greetings from Germany


Tanii said...

You look so pretty! I'd love to own a pair of Litas but I actually don't have the money. :/ You're a great inspiration! Keep in touch :)

Eccentric Connoisseur said...

You look soo pretty.

Anonymous said...

Really nice outfit and I just love your clothes and style! Lovely photos :)


lenosenty said...

OMG I love this look so muchh, she jeffrey campbell lita, the pants, the shadess. Love love love

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