December 1, 2011


Do you remember I wrote that I luckily bought the last Macaron bag at Kenzo? Here is my first time wearing it. I am brimming with joy that I found it in green colour – exactly what my wardrobe was missing!
Помните, я писала о том, как удачно нашла последнюю  сумочку Macaron от Kenzo? Пару дней назад я впервые надела ее. Я безумно рада, что нашла ее в зеленом цвете – именно то, что моему гардеробу так не хватало!

How cute is this? :)

Leather jacket - H&M
Skirt - MANGO
Boots bought in Peterborough/UK


stilettolover91 said...

OMG!!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!! The whole look is AMAZING!!!! <3

P.S: I replied to your comment by email :)

Ulia Ali said...

stilettolover91, thank you so much,sweetie :)) I received your e-mail, but there're some problems with my outlook,so I will ask you one thing later :P kisses!

*Glam Chameleon* said...

My pretty lady looks gorgeous as always!;) Love your hair! kisses
Jelena (

Love Sushi and Fashion said...

Great outfit! I love the bag. <3<3

Ольга Ковтуненко said...

Wow! fantastik!

Allegra said...

love your heels!

Anonymous said...

stunning! I guess your heels are by Jeffrey Campbell! Take a look:

Angelica said...

Love the skirt! And the boots! Fabulous outfit. Thanks for sharing. :)

Angelica xoxo

Check out my post on Olivia Palermo's style tricks:


Carmen said...

I love the macaron bag, I really wish I had one!
Nice blog dear :)

jiglycious said...

you are so pretty
i love your outfit

following you now

hope we can follow each other


Miss Margaret Cruzemark said...

You are looking amazing my dear.
Thank you so much for visiting and for your lovely comment.
Lets stay in touch.
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

alicia said...

you are SO gorgeous.

BlueVanilla said...

Great bag and look! Such great colors together!

Hot Pink Day
Shop Blue Vanilla

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for your sweet comment! i really appreciate it! i'll always come back and visit!

Aline C. said...

Just voted for you :) Good luck girly!
I love the mixing of the different textures in the outfit, the fur with the leather and the ruffle silk :D Very pretty!

Yara Simón said...

What a great purse, and I love your header.

Ulia Ali said...

*Glam Chameleon*, thanks a lot, beauty! It's very pleasant to heat that from you :)

Love Sushi and Fashion, thank you :* I adore this bag as well! It was in my wishlist since I saw the collection, so I am really happy to finally have it :)

Ulia Ali said...

Олечка, спасибо! Я обязательно на днях отвечу на вопросы :) Просто у меня завал был на работе (до сих пор, если честно, еще полно дел :( ) Но, я не забыла :*

Ulia Ali said...

Allegra, thank u :*

Angelica, Oh I will definitely have a look, hun! Thanks for visiting my blog so often :***

Carmen, I wish you to have all the bags you want, sweetie :)

Ulia Ali said...

jiglycious, Thank you soooo much! xxx

Miss Margaret Cruzemark, You're great! Thanks for visiting and I hope you will love my upcoming posts :)

Ulia Ali said...

alicia, thanks a lot! :*

BlueVanilla, I am glad you liked it :)) xx

CMA, aaw u're welcome sweetie :) THANKS!

Ulia Ali said...

Aline C., thanks a lot! But i will not win it anyway, because i haven't really told my friends about the contest, so another girl have much more likes than i do :( I'll publish that look soon :*

Yara Simón, Thank you so much! I am really glad u like the header. I want to add some changes though)

DIVYA! said...

so amazing!

Ulia Ali said...

Divya, thanks a lot! :))

Mary said...

My God,Macaroon bag is real!
i love it so much!
RL sunnies are gorgeous)

Ulia Ali said...

Mary, thanks! I am glad u liked them <3 I am so happy I found this Ralph Lauren .. they're perfect! (it's actually hard to find sunnies that would suit me, because I have really narrow face :D )

Fashion-Bridge said...

You look stunning dear! The outfit is flawless but mostly I adore your gorgeous hair!



~Lara~ said...

Love this look! Cute bag and that skirt is amazing! The color and ruffles are just perfect!

Also, thank you for checking out my blog and for making a comment! I really do appreciate each and every one! You have a fun blog! I am now following :)

Melissa Tchieu said...

Following u on bloglovin' :)
U look hot here btw <3

Natalie Koltunovskaya said...

The Macaron clutch is lovely! Especially I like the color))

Selene said...

nice blog! i've the same kenzo clutch! love it!

Ulia Ali said...

Fashion-Bridge, thanks a lot! You made me blush :) kisses xxx

~Lara~, you're so lovely, Lara! Thank you very much :*

Melissa Tchieu, thanks a lot! I am so happy you did :))) <3

Ulia Ali said...

Natalie Koltunovskaya, at the beginning I wanted it in yellow, but now I think green one is perfect <3 thx :*

Selene, I love it too! Do you have pictures where you wear it? I want more inspiration :))

AldaCa said...

I love eating macarons and now I find out they exist in bag form! The outfit is wonderful! :)


Ulia Ali said...

AldaCa, I love macarons too! especially liquorice ones.. yummy! :) thanks :D

Anonymous said...


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